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Dreamy Illuision

Graphics by Amber

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graphics by amber
Graphics by Amber
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{ A B O U T - Dreamyilluision }
This is a place for me to offer my graphics. I enjoy making them for the communities I'm already in but I want to be able to offer more then what I normally do. So here it is dreamyilluision.

{ R U L E S }
Credit is a must to moonstrkbyu @ dreamyilluision
Please don't ask to have something made for someone else. If they want something they can join.
Follow my rules I don't have many.
Manners are love.

{ L I N K S / A F F I L I A T E S }
baby_graphix, _proudmomma, babyicons,twinkles,blueskyye, pearlseas, precious_pixels, lunastar_icons, sparrkliing

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(profile layout credit)

Layout by passing_girl.
banner made by me moonstrkbyu but credit goes to millergurl for her wonderful. tuturial